American hotel cleaner left traumatized after losing his job to a Serbian neurosurgeon

We often hear concerns that immigrants are stealing jobs from decent hard working American people, but we rarely hear the traumatic testimonials of the victims of this new trend. We bring you one such gut-wrenching story about Joe, a hotel cleaner whose job was brutally taken over by Jovanka, a neurosurgeon from Serbia. Joe’s story is particularly telling because it shows what kind of shameless threats Jovanka used to scare off Joe from his job.

“She started threatening me the moment we met”, Joe begins his shocking testimonial. “First, she threatened that she would work for $2 to $5 less per hour than my current wage.” But, as Joe continues with a trembling voice, we learn that this was just the beginning. Then Jovanka became even more aggressive. She started threatening that she would work 12 to 16 hour shifts. “At that point, I realized she was not going to stop”, Joe continues visibly shaken. “I started succumbing to the intimidating threats and tried to scan my surroundings for a safe escape.” It turned out this was a good move by Joe because the aggressive neurosurgeon intensified the mental torture. She threatened that she would be available to the employer at a phone call, at any time, that she would work without a medical, dental or pension insurance, that she would not complain when the bosses and hotel guests treated her like dirt, and, worst of all, that she would actually do her best to be polite to everyone, including those hotel guests that insult her.

At that point, Joe was terrified to his core. He felt he had to escape to a safe place, far from this human monster. So, Joe left his job to this unscrupulous Serbian and applied for unemployment insurance. In the meantime, Joe is receiving psychological counseling to help him deal with the scars from this traumatic experience. We wish him well and hope our government will do something to prevent such tragic events happening in the future.

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  1. Peđa,mislim da je tvoje objašnjenje suviše blago prema autoru tog teksta jer "to" što je napisano sadrži: želju za diskreditovanjem cele grupe blogera,bez ijednog izuzetka,nazivanje subjekata o kojim piše pogrdnim imenima,karikiranje svakog stava ili ideje,analiza nekog teksta bez osnovne inforisanosti o njemu (kao što je čitanje istog)..., što su sve elementi naručenih tekstova...Zato je očigledno da ispred teksta stoji jedan od sledeća dva scenarija:1.Želja za malo medijskog prostora, 2. Plaćen tekst.


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