How I, an Immigrant, Stole Canadian Jobs

I immigrated into Canada in March of 2001. I was 22 then. The first thing that was on my mind was how to steal a job from a fine young Canadian worker. Before I ended up stealing a place at a university from a fine young Canadian student with an A average and with a longish list of academic awards, I stole a below-minimum-wage under-the-table job from one construction worker, then from one night shift heavy duty cleaner at a car parts factory, then from one after-hours office cleaner, then from one part-time truck loader, and finally, I stole a job from one fine Canadian assembly line worker at a car factory. My most recent theft was that I stole a job from a decent Canadian PhD economist writing about heterodox schools of economics, ethics and law, and other social issues. And how did I do all this stealing of Canadian jobs? I put a gun to the heads of all these fine Canadian men and told them: "Move away; now I am going to do your job." So, be careful, maybe I'll steal your job too.


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