Ego can be a great motivator

A long time ago, when I was still in Belgrade studying forestry, I loved the first and second year courses, and I ended up having a top average in my generation. Then, at the end of the second year, due to various circumstances, I lost interest in school. I thought then--I know I can do it if I want to, but why should I? Who cares? I need something more challenging.
Soon after, I learned many things I hadn't known before, but I failed third year, twice. I simply didn't care. There were more important issues to resolve, like how to use Jung's psychoanalysis to resolve your inner conflicts; how to live in peace with the past; how to look forward to the future.

Then, one event
 moved me. Some guys, very limited in their abilities, talked to me with a noticeable sense of superiority. Their condescending tone was awakening. At that moment, even though I knew I would be going to Canada in a few months, I decided to show to myself that I can still do what I used to do before. I took our soil science textbook, read it from cover to cover, went to an exam after more than a year of not taking any exam, and got a 90%. The professor even asked me if I was considering graduate studies in soil science. I said--maybe, I don't know yet.

I don't remember if I ever met those guys again, but I will always remember the last few minutes of the conversation I had with my soil science professor. The way he talked to me brought back the sense of self worth to me at that moment.


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